Sunday, August 28, 2011


Vermont has been devastated by Irene's flooding. It ended up even worse than I thought it was.

We were evacuated from our home at 4:30 pm today. Soon after we left the river started flowing down the main street of our village. We are safe as are our friends and loved ones. We are staying with friends now. Hopefully we can go home tomorrow and hopefully our home is ok. We don't think the floodwaters got inside... But we don't know. It seems that the river jumped into an old channel that main street was built on.

There will be plenty more to post about this tomorrow, but as I am on my phone I can't say much more. I will say this flood will change our relationships with our Vermont rivers as dramatically as the floods in the 1920s... And hopefully in different ways. And hopefully our decisions back then don't end up making the flooding in Montpelier even worse than otherwise.

Sleep well, Vermont... Tomorrow is a day to start diging out.

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