Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Rainwater Pots in Thailand

I recently came across some photos of huge pots that are used in Thailand to collect rainwater from rooftops for use.  These pictures were posted by John Hawker of Sat-Ed, a group that works to bring Internet access, and thus access to global information and education, to rural areas of Southeast Asia.

Isn't this system amazing?  The pots cost less than 20 US dollars each, and in a rainy area like Thailand can provide a tremendous amount of water, without the expense of filtration or even plumbing.

Yet another example of people close to the land using common-sense techniques for water conservation and use, not necessarily for ecological reasons, but simply because it MAKES SENSE.

Meanwhile, in the United States and other 'developed' countries, rainwater pours off of roofs, into gutters where it carries pollution and excess runoff into rivers.  Meanwhile, these same rivers are jammed chock-full of huge dams, and water is removed from them, filtered, and then dumped into toilets and on cars.

More pictures by John:


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    Good blog, I'll keep coming back too!

  2. Awesome! This blog has a definite US bias, since that's where I live (Vermont, especially) but obviously the United States is not always the best at managing its water and it is really neat to hear about ideas from other places...