Monday, January 31, 2011

Winter Color Part 2: More Colored Icicles

Last week I posted some pictures of colored icicles.  Since then I have become very interested in icicles as features of 'micro-watersheds' - areas where snowmelt, rain, and other precipitation run off of impervious surfaces like rooftops.

To get people thinking about icicles and how water moves through them and their surrounding urban landscapes, I've been putting food-coloring dye on icicles in prominent places in Middlebury, Vermont and Burlington, Vermont.  The results are striking in some cases, and illustrate just how quickly water can actually move through these seemingly static formations.

(do note that none of these icicles are in dangerous locations where they could fall and cause damage or injury, and any icicles that ARE should be safely removed if possible and not tampered with)

_Colored Icicles 009

_Colored Icicles 062

_Colored Icicles 063
Middlebury Shaws

_Colored Icicles 059
Middlebury Food Co-Op

_Colored Icicles 016
Old Navy, Burlington

_Colored Icicles 020
Salty runoff on Church Street during a pseudo-thaw

_Colored Icicles 015
House in Burlington

_Colored Icicles 024
_Colored Icicles 039
_Colored Icicles 026
Brittle melting icicle in the sun during a brief thaw.  A nearby one with a similar structure shattered when I touched it lightly.  This one survived until the thaw ended and re-froze.

_Colored Icicles 041
_Colored Icicles 046
_Colored Icicles 054
On house in Middlebury.

_Colored Icicles 048
_Colored Icicles 036
_Colored Icicles 052
This one formed on a clothesline under a dripping roof and so was really easy to color.  A lot of water was moving over it, so it would pass color through really fast, with only a small amount sticking around.

_Colored Icicles 065
A little guy on a twig.

_Colored Icicles 071
I 'cheated' to make these... i poured colored water out of a window.  It was 1 degree F and the water froze very quickly on these metal ledges!

If you find a colored icicle, let me know.  Better yet, make your own!  If you have a Flickr account, you can post them to this group.

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