Monday, January 24, 2011

Fun in Subzero Temperatures

Vermont is locked in a deep freeze, with most areas falling somewhere between -15 and -30 last night.

I tried a couple of experiments in the cold air, mostly from inside via a quickly opened then shut door.  It's COLD out there!

If you toss boiling water into subzero air, it turns into snow/steam immediately!  Very little touches the ground - if it were even colder the entirety of the water would evaporate or turn to snow in midair.  Not the best video, but you get the idea.

Ever wonder what happens to soap bubbles when it is really cold?  Maybe not, but I did.  I blew some bubbles out the door and they quickly gained a very 'plasticy' texture.  These bubbles don't disappear if they pop, instead they slowly deflate or even retain their form.  A few popped in midair and spiraled downward like crashing blimps.  Very neat!

More to follow, including colorful icicles.

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