Friday, January 21, 2011

Arctic Blast Expected in Vermont; More from Pittsburgh Sketchbook

The coldest weather in at least a couple of years is heading for Vermont.  Temperatures (Farenheit) this weekend are going to range from single digit highs to lows near -20.  This is not terribly unusual for Vermont; it happens every now and then and used to happen more often.  I've never been in temperatures this cold, though.  I really want to try tossing boiling water outside in subzero temperatures, so if it gets cold enough, I'll give that a try.  I also need to fill up my gas tank, apparently that makes it easier to start your car when it's cold and I do need to drive on Monday morning.

When I was in Pittsburgh last week I made a few more sketches.

Panther Hollow
  Click below to see more.

I colored this one using 'GIMP', an open source photostop-type program.  It's Panther Hollow Lake, actually drawn from a picture in summer since it is frozen now.

This is the 'cloud factory' - a steam boiler plant used by CMU.

Sweet Gum tree near Phipps

This was actually in Maine but it's an ash tree.

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