Monday, July 2, 2012

Mini-update: Transitions

I haven't been able to post much on this blog lately, because of some big transitions in my life. These are mostly positive ones, but have made blogging a bit difficult. First, we took a long road trip to the Midwest, and then we went through the process of moving from east middlebury to Montpelier. We still haven't finished unpacking, and don't yet have an internet connection set up. Nor can I make an after hours post from work because for inexplicable reasons my employer only allows use of Internet Explorer. I'm posting this on my phone, which is slow, and nearly impossible to include pictures. Not sure how to link this on facebook or g+ either. Maybe I need to take my friend's advice and set up an instagram account. But, not until I get wifi again. In any event we are now living by a different river with different stories. Although small, Montpelier is dense and has more urban nature and water to explore than east middlebury. It also is a snowier and colder part of the state so I hope to get back to coloring icicles. our trip to the Midwest also needs a few blog posts as we saw some very neat places especially around the Twin Cities. Also, my brother just got engaged - exciting news! Hopefully my life will settle down just a bit soon. We will see... I hope to have some fun new Posts here soon.

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