Friday, June 3, 2011

In western Vermont? Help track invasive species!

This spring I've been helping test out 'What's Invasive', an Android and Iphone app designed to map invasive species in the field.  I created a 'Park' for Vermont called "Champlain Valley of Vermont" and added several invasive species that I think are worth tracking.

The program is free, fun, and easy!  All you do is load it on your gps-enabled smartphone (it won't work on non-gps phones)... create a free account, log into the Champlain Valley park, and start reporting weeds when you see them.  For buckthorn and honeysuckle, the app required me to choose just one species, but please do map any invasive buckthorn or honeysuck under these categories.  Also, if you aren't in the Champlain Valley, but still want to test this out, that is fine too.

I've got quite a head start on sightings, but if anyone can get more (legitimate!) sightings than me before winter, I will draw you a picture of an invasive plant of your choice, in this style:


They have to be spread out at least a little... please don't photograph every stem in a garlic mustard clump :)

Also if you have any ideas about how to make the app better, let me know and I will pass those along to the app designers.  Or, email them yourself from the What's Invasive website.

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