Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Twitter Flood Updates

Just a quick reminder/request for anyone who reads this blog...

I recently set up a Twitter account at @SlowWaterMvmnt.  I was originally very skeptical of Twitter but I am finding it an amazing way to share news and updates.  I've been 'tweeting' about Vermont/Lake Champlain and the Mississippi River... am following some neat groups, and am trying to retweet relevant water-related and technology-related stories.  If you're interested, try following me, and better yet, send me info about other relevant groups I should follow.  Also, I am a Twitter newbie so if you have ideas on how to better manage the Twitter, let me know about that too.

Floods are gathering a lot of attention right now, as they should be.  But, the time to improve watershed health and reduce flood risk is not after the floods have started.  When this one recedes, we need to make sure people are still aware of the many ways we need to improve our watersheds.


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