Saturday, May 14, 2011

More Flooding for Vermont

Lake Champlain has been dropping over the last week, though it is still above flood stage.  It would be on pace to drop below flood stage in the next week or two.  Unfortunately that probably won't happen yet, because a slow moving storm is forecast to sit over Vermont from tonight into next week, dropping several inches of rain.

I wouldn't mind some scattered summer thunderstorms but unfortunately this is forecast to be cold early-spring rain.

Unfortunately I'll probably have some flood pictures to share again next week.

As for the Mississippi, the news has quieted down about it a bit, but the water is still slowly surging southward.  I think the Old River Control Structure will survive this flood... but I doubt it will survive the next 20 years.  We need to hope for the best, be grateful if we get it, and FIX THE PROBLEM rather than relying on hoping again.

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