Friday, July 30, 2010

Stream Tables!

One of the things I love about flowing water is that it is so scalable - a little stream flowing through sand acts the exact same way a huge river does in the same circumstances.  I just happened across some really neat looking stream tables at this website.  These could be a great outreach tool.  Granted, as a graduate student I can't afford to buy one of these, but maybe some day I can get one or make one on my own.

Emriver Em4 at Winona State

Doesn't this look fun?


  1. Charlie,
    We're honored to be on your blog--and I love the hand drawn banner, very cool! We are working to get grants to make river models more affordable, and helping artists/watershed people/scientists like you. I also do a lot of urban stormwater work, you can see this at


  2. Thanks! I really do love the stream tables and I'll be checking in on your webpage - perhaps at some point there will be the potential for collaborative outreach type stuff.