Monday, July 19, 2010

"Ask Me About Your Watershed" Project?

After wandering around Schenley Park a bunch of times and almost always getting into interesting conversations with random people, I thought it might be fun to initiate a mini-project where I encourage people to talk to me. While I am not particularly shy, it is often difficult to initiate conversations with random people, especially in urban settings (in rural Vermont it would often be rude NOT to!).

Anyway, my idea was to make some sort of sign, or even a shirt (probably a blank white one drawn on with sharpie), to wear when i am wandering around the 4 mile run watershed. At best, it might encourage some great conversation and at worst, people will ignore me and I can go poke around in the creek.

Anyway, I was hoping blog readers might have some thoughts on which of these possible designs are best, or might even contribute better ones. If you'd like, either vote in the comments section below this post, or go to the Slow Water facebook page and 'like' one of the designs or else upload your own.

1)possible shirt/sign design 1
This one is a bit 'busy' so I'd have to clean it up a bit.

2)possible shirt/sign design 2

3)possible shirt/sign design 3
This one is very XKCDesque so my apologies to Randall Munroe.  Maybe I should alter it further if I decide to use it.  However, my attempts at drawing myself didn't go all that wonderfully.

4) possible shirt/sign design  4
This one wouldn't work as a shirt, it might work as a sign though.  It's made out of some watershed art I drew recently and will post on this blog later.

5) Something else someone else submits!

Please do feel free to comment if you have any thoughts!  The point of this website is to discuss water more so than to read 1602 posts I make about each thunderstorm.  (the one today was great, wasn't it?)


  1. yes, that means you! if you clicked on this and can see this you should make a comment too!

  2. I like the first tshirt design!

  3. Thanks! Someone voted for the second one on facebook so maybe I'll do one of each, I have 2 shirts and a big sharpie. I haven't done this yet, it was so hot today, it didn't seem like anyone would be in the park!