Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Winter Weather in Vermont, Possible Flooding in California, and a new Instagram

Thanksgiving in Vermont was warm, but on the Saturday after Thanksgiving, the weather changed.  A cold blast of air flowed into the state, and intermittent snow showers dropped about an inch of snow around Montpelier.


The Champlain Valley didn't get anything on Saturday, but Burlington picked up some snow yesterday.  Today a storm moved to our south and dropped some snow in the southernmost part of the state.  As of this morning, most areas of Vermont had picked up at least a dusting of snow.

There have also been cold nights, in some cases down to the teens (f) when the sky cleared out.


Some icicles formed, though none I could easily color yet:


In the cold mornings there has been some frazil ice in the river.


Cold temperatures are expected to persist until Saturday or so... for this week it will mostly remain below freezing in Vermont, with more light snow possible.

A weather change for the whole continent is brewing in the form of a massive "atmospheric river"storm set to barrel into central and northern California in the next few days.  This storm could bring many inches of rain to parts of California, with lots of snow at the highest elevations of the Sierra.  Sadly, because the storm is forecast to get 'stuck' pointing a fire hose-like jet stream aimed at around Marin County, the rain will be concentrated in that part of the state, rather than spreading its rain over a larger area.  Southern California could use the rain and probably won't get too much.

This is a relatively warm storm, and unfortunately for those who like snow, as it moves across the country it will bring relatively warm Pacific air with it.  By the start of next week, temperatures in Vermont will be well above average, at least for a few days, with a rain storm or two to contend with.

All the temperature changes and precipitation will probably lead to some interesting water and ice events, and I'm experimenting with a new way of sharing photos, just for fun.  I created a Slow Water Movement Instagram site where I will share photos of water, ice, and general Vermont prettiness.  Check it out if you'd like.

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