Monday, September 12, 2011

It's Different when it is YOUR Home, and 'YOUR' River.

Update:  This situation is evolving very fast and appears to be much more complex and possibly problematic than I thought.  For this reason I have removed this post for the time being, until it is more clear what is going on.  I'll certainly have updates on the situation in East Middlebury soon.  


  1. This a great and useful website, but I'm curious have we ever exchanged emails or met? If you're from vermont do you know Skip Lisle? How did you find out about the Martinez Beavers? Send me an email through the website and lets keep in touch.

    Heidi Perryman
    Worth A Dam

  2. Hi!

    I don't think we have met. I have heard good things about Skip but I haven't met him. I just found your website while doing some research on the benefits of beavers in upper watersheds, and that they are/were present in California. I just had a very busy day but I'll send you an email soon.