Sunday, June 20, 2010

Storms in the City

So, there are often thunderstorms in Pittsburgh in the early summer, and this year has apparently had even more than usual. During early June there were several significant thunderstorms. The storms weren't as impressive to see moving in as those in the desert or even in Vermont, because the sky is often hazy and there are lots of trees and buildings everywhere. However, the storms were LOUD and the lightning was very impressive.

One storm moves away...

and another moves in. This one lasted several hours and had a ton of lightning and rain.

The storms cause lots of erosion which is a problem in the parks.

Poor-quality pictures of sheet lightning from my room. There were lots of crazy bolts too but not when I was able to take videos.

These storms, along with one a few nights later, dropped over 3 inches of rain on the Pittsburgh area in the first week of June.

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