Thursday, December 27, 2012

Happy Holidays... and a New Home for Slow Water Movement

A heavy snowstorm is slamming Vermont - the heaviest we have seen since March of 2011 because last year's winter was such a dud.  I came home from my travels a day early to avoid the storm, and so today is a good day to watch the snow fly, not drive anywhere, and be thankful for my warm, dry, safe home.


I just shoveled our cars out, and they are buried again.  The road is snow-covered and slick, but the bakery is open and a short walk away and the woods are just a slightly longer walk, so I have everything I need.  I think this afternoon will be time to break out the snowshoes.

While I was visiting family in Connecticut, the temperature in Montpelier plunged to -2.  When I left, the river had very little ice on it, but after the subzero night, that has changed significantly.


Connecticut didn't get as cold, but a beautiful dusting of snow fell on central portions of the state late Christmas Eve night, so the little ones got to play in the snow.  I tried a few runs myself but a crust of ice that can support a three year old wouldn't support me and I just dragged in the grass.  Oh well.  At least I got to dye some icicles and play in the snow with the kids.  Playing in the snow with young children is definitely one of life's pleasures.   They also enjoyed the colorful icicles.


With the solstice and the new year comes change and renewal, and on that note I am excited to announce that the Slow Water Movement blog will be moving to the network - a new network of neat conservation-minded blogs featuring author and desert advocate Chris Clarke's Coyote Crossing blog which I've been a fan of for a long time.  The network is still being put together, and will feature lots of blogging about the desert, and I'm hoping Slow Water Movement's emphasis on water and on cold, wet Vermont will add to the diversity of the blog network.  There will be more to follow soon.

Here's the URL for the new Slow Water Movement blog.  I will post a couple more crossover posts and leave a link on this URL, but it would be a good time to update your bookmarks/blogrolls.


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