Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Say No to SOPA

I had neat posts lined up about forcing Minecraft to create realistic waterways and volcanos, and about Vermont turning to a sheet of ice.  However, I'm not going to post them today because Big Lawn would probably accuse me of copyright infringement and shut down this page.

Or, at least, they could, if this SOPA law passes (even if I didn't infringe on copyright.  I don't support doing that).

It's a dumb law...  almost as stupid as getting rid of stream gages that protect people from flash floods.  The US government seems to be on a roll with bipartisan support of dumb laws lately.  It's well past time to demand changes.  Free speech is one of our fundamental rights, but still one we need to fight for, as those who would censor us try to chip away at them every day.

You should go here and sign this petition, or read this.

Later this week I'll be back to posting about the river or my new ideas about Minecraft water.


  1. Always looking for more Minecraft.

    Re: SOPA, did you see the video impromptu we did yesterday?

  2. It's been great getting people unified around SOPA.. Now, if only people would get equally riled up about other equally stupid things (like defunded stream gages) we could get things done :)