Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Spring Thunderstorm in Burlington, Vermont will Not Help with Lake Flooding

Today a spring thunderstorm moved through Burlington and unlike the last storm I was here to watch it.  I was in the third floor of a UVM building which meant great views, but an inability to turn off the lights and a weird tinny quality to the thunder heard within the building.

This storm was surrounded by fog and clouds so I didn't get any particularly impressive photos.  Still, it was fun to watch and I did get one good picture of the low clouds floating around the bottom of the storm.


The rain did flow into the Jeffords rain gardens, though nothing is growing in them at the moment.

Unfortunately, Lake Champlain has been at flood stage for over a week due to melting snow and heavy rain and this will not help matters!  I took these pictures last Friday and the lake will probably be rising a bit from this point.



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