Monday, September 20, 2010

Four Mile Run Watershed Workshops; Change of Seasons.

If you live in the 4-Mile Run watershed or another urban watershed in Pittsburgh, you should consider attending these workshops!

Meanwhile, in Vermont, fall has arrived.  While it is not 'officially' fall for two days, this morning was greeted by 'almost-frosty' dew, ground fog, and slightly more fall color than the day before.  The changing of the seasons has become quite evident here, even though peak foliage is still quite far off.

Fall is coming!

This picture was actually taken a couple of weeks ago in Middlebury, Vermont.  Trees like this are showing up more and more as September reaches its later months, while at the same time ALL of the deciduous trees are showing a slight change in foliage color.

Despite a few somewhat chilly nights, Pittsburgh is still expecting highs in the 80s on many days this week.  Fall does not arrive in Pittsburgh as quickly as it does in Vermont, of course.  It's still just around the corner!

If you have a rain barrel, don't forget that in the next couple of months it will be time to decommission it for the winter.  Also. make sure to remove fall leaves from your rain gutters.  They can cause the gutters to overflow instead of flowing into rain barrels, rain gardens, or other areas you are channeling the water to.  If you're channeling water into a sewer or concrete storm drain., consider disconnecting your drainspout soon!

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